An Older Blogger Blog About Depression

I somehow had forgotten all about this blog of mine on Blogger.  Today, it popped into my head.  I went and read through it.  I started it a couple of years ago.  It was suggested that I write about my frustrations with OCD and depression as a means to let it all out.  I remember that it did help a bit.  I just wrote what I wanted to write and didn’t hold much back.  I did hold back a little, even though nobody was reading it.  Somehow, even the slightest possibility of someone seeing the blog made me pause just a little.

Today, I throw caution to the wind!  I am sharing things about my life that even my own family does not know.  We all have a side of us that we don’t like to share…with anyone!  I am going to share with all now.

IF you decide to read it, just know it might be very depressing and a bit dark.  But, that was the whole purpose of the blog.  Pull the darkness from my brain and stick it someplace else!



So Tired Of Hate

My heart hurts from all of the hate being thrown around.  I am tired of the ridiculous temper tantrums being publicly thrown.

I consider myself an educator of young people.  I specialize in children from birth to age five.  I try to help prepare them for school both academically and socially.  A lot of how a child’s perception of the world is formed through role models.  Their first and most important role models are their parents.  So, if the parents are spewing hate and name-calling, that results in children who have no filter on their mouths!  How the heck are we to raise decent, productive and compassionate children when we adults can’t carry on a civil conversation?  How can we teach problem solving if we can’t have a difference of opinion without blowing a gasket?

I know I am going to sound like one of those typical old people who say, “In my day, we…”  and then proceed to tell you how hard things were, but here I go anyway…

When I was young, there was no easy access to internet and sharing your every thought with the world.  If I wanted to tell someone how I felt, I had to use a telephone and talk to the actual person, or I had to do a face-to-face meeting.  I can’t help but wonder how much more calm things would be if we had to do that again.  I think we have become numb to how our words can affect those around us.  We can spout hate and name-call and be total jerks all while safely hiding behind a computer, all but invisible. Would any of you be so fast to spew hatred towards others if you didn’t have a clever meme to throw in their faces?  Would you be as inclined to bully others if you had to do it to their face and then see how it crumbles their world?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, then I have no use for you.  And yes, I would say that to your face.  There are people I don’t respect or even like, but I would never even dream of calling them horrible names and then bullying anyone who does like them!  I would never bully their children just because they are in that family.  What the heck is that about?  That is pure evil.

I challenge everyone to grow a set and be an adult for a while.  It is okay to have a difference of opinion.  It is okay to debate a subject.  It is okay to not like everyone.  But, for the love of all that is holy, think about what you say and do!  Think about the example you are setting for the children!

Don’t make Granny K put you in the Cool Down Corner!