Nights…Who Needs Them?

This is an example of how my nights go…

Me:  I know it’s only 8:30, but I’m so tired I think I will just go to bed.  “snore”

My brain:  HEY!!!!  It’s 9:10.  Wake up!

Me: What was that?  HUH?  What time is it, I feel like it must be morning.  I’m wide awake?  Did I sleep?  *looks at clock”.  WTF I went to bed 40 minutes ago!  Why am I awake?

My brain:  I think you should get up!  I don’t want to be in bed anymore. GET UP and move!!!!!!!

Me:  I gotta get up a minute, I can’t stand being in bed right now.  **pace, pace** Okay, it’s 10:30 I have to get some sleep or I will be no good at work tomorrow.  *snore*

My brain:  YOOHOO hi there, it’s me and I feel like thinking.  It’s 1:00.  Why are you sleeping? Get up and move!

Me:  Oh bloody hell, why am I up with an anxiety attack at 1 in the dang morning?  I have to be up in a few hours!  **pace, pace** Okay it’s almost 2:30, I have to try to sleep a little more.  *snore*

My brain:  You know, I was just thinking…HEY wake up, I am trying to think of everything we need to do.  Get up and move!  It’s 3:20 for Pete sake.  Why are you sleeping?

Me:  I give up.  I can’t do this anymore tonight.

This is actually how most of my nights go.  Yes, I take Melatonin.  I have also tried every sleep aid and no difference.  I am so tired tonight, I hope I sleep!  I think it’s been going on long enough that I now expect it and cause it to happen.

But, since I’m trying to be positive about more things, let me think of something positive about nights.



Got it!  I was able to write a blog post about it.  That’s the best I can do right now.

Have a good night, all.


A Positive of a Near Migraine

In case you haven’t noticed, and I’m sure you have, my new Granny K Poops Rainbows and Sunshine series is just a new way to complain.  But, I kind of like it!

So, I had a rough night and woke at 3am with a HUGE headache that is trying hard to become a migraine.  I took my pill, which makes me jittery and my tummy is cussing me out and threatening me with violence.  But, there is one positive!

I can drink all of the cola I want and nobody will tell me I am getting too much sugar, caffeine, whatever!  They all know Coke helps with these headaches for me, so my kids don’t frown upon it.   So, even though I could just have one, I will have two just because I can!

So, there is a positive!

Have a nice Friday, all!