Sunday Musings

Today, I finally admitted to myself that I am probably not going to post on this blog.  If I do , I need to revamp it and start over.  I originally thought I would have enough to say to keep it going, but discovered I have a boring life.  Boring isn’t the same as bad, by the way.  When I do feel like writing, it is to talk about mental illness or my thoughts and experiences with children.  I guess watching kids for thirty years will do that to you.  Not the mental illness part, but the posting about children part haha!!

I am trying to decide if I will keep this and just start fresh, or if I will branch off.  I’ve tried before but always went with the same general life theme and it just doesn’t work.

I will think further, although my ability to focus on something comes and goes, so it might take a while!

Have a blessed Sunday!




A Post about a Post?

I promised more posts in the new year.  Here it is the 10th of January and no posts yet!  Can I post that I mean to post and call it a post?  I suppose that is cheating.  I might have something interesting to post about soon.

Until then, I hope you all are well!