Poor Neglected Blog

My poor neglected blog!  I don’t know how I can’t find time for it as my official job ended a few weeks ago.  My daughter has a part time job and I have been doing that more than she has.  She was injured falling down some stairs, so of course she needed time to heal!  Then, we got so busy with pet sitting.  June just flew by.

I know it’s just a casual blog, but it doesn’t feel right to just let it set!  I know it doesn’t have feelings, but I almost feel like it does.

As always, I enjoy reading blogs when I can find time, but at some point I need to start writing again! Life is too busy.  I thought by this time in my life, it would be a slower pace.  SILLY ME!

Until the time I start posting again, you all will just have to put up with my occasional silly comments!






Thinking, Talking, and Posting

What I have realized is that thinking a deep thought you would like to force on someone share with someone isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Sometimes, I get these brilliant insights and when I try to convey it through spoken or written word, it just isn’t the same.  Saying it out loud is easier than typing it, too.  I think it’s because you can’t really express the emotion you feel along with the words.

I should give it a try and make a book of all of my deep thoughts and see if I can con some people into buying it!  If I could draw, I would illustrate it as well.  I’m not sure if stick people would be good enough, though.  Bad stick people at that.

Do you have trouble pulling thoughts from your head and sharing them?  What is your technique?