Zander and the Eclipse Day

Zander is six and he is wonderful!

His mother had been warning him about looking at the sun to see the eclipse.  He didn’t have the eclipse glasses so was well warned to stay inside and not look!

Yesterday, he staggered down the stairs still half asleep.  He looks at me and mumbles, “This is go blind day.”

Then, he fell onto the couch and just stayed there almost asleep.

Love it!


Wrinkled Jo

I didn’t take any pictures, and now I wished I had!

I was drawing with the boys I watch and ended up making a very strange looking mask.  As I was coloring, I accidentally wrinkled the paper.  I cut out the eyes and mouth and held it over my face.  The kids liked it.

“What should I call it?”  I asked.

One of the boys yelled out, “Wrinkled Joe!”

“Perfect!”  I said.  “My middle name just happens to be Jo!”

So, now I am known as Wrinkled Jo and am greeted as such when I go to their house!