Q Scolds His Brother

The family I work for has eight boys.  It is a very busy house for the first couple of hours of my day.  Most of the day, I only have the four-year old ( Q ) and the three-year old ( P ).  They are both amazing kids.  Mr. Q constantly amazes me as in so many ways he seems older than four.

So, one of his older brothers just got braces and his teeth were hurting.  He came crashing through the door after school hollering that he had not eaten all day because there was nothing at school he could chew.  He said he was going to get a yogurt for snack since it is easy on his teeth.  He rummaged through the refrigerator and then slammed it shut.

“Really?  Only vanilla yogurt?  I hate vanilla yogurt!  I guess I won’t have yogurt!”  He yelled in frustration.

I calmly stated that if he was truly starving he would eat what they have.  Yelling won’t make the vanilla yogurt be anything different.

Then, four-year old Q put in his two cents worth.  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

His brother glared at him.  He said, “Stop it Q, nobody likes you anyway.”  And then he stormed up to his room.

I think he was actually embarrassed to be scolded by his younger brother, and I think he knew Q was right.

I was actually amazed that Q remembered that saying.  I said that to him a long time ago when he was getting ready to have a fit over what I fixed for lunch.  It must have stuck with him!


Zander and the Eclipse Day

Zander is six and he is wonderful!

His mother had been warning him about looking at the sun to see the eclipse.  He didn’t have the eclipse glasses so was well warned to stay inside and not look!

Yesterday, he staggered down the stairs still half asleep.  He looks at me and mumbles, “This is go blind day.”

Then, he fell onto the couch and just stayed there almost asleep.

Love it!