Loving the Walks

Now that the smoke has cleared for the most part in our area, my daughter and I have been walking more. The weather has been warmer than normal for this time of year, and I love it. We have cool mornings and hot afternoons. I am soaking it in before it changes. It seems like seasons change overnight. One day it’s hot and sunny and the next chilly and raining.

Where I live there isn’t much to choose from for walking without driving a ways. I can either walk along the city streets or along a small stretch of canal that has a walking path. Most of the time, I pick the small path and just go up and down that. At least I’m not smelling car exhaust and there are muskrats, snakes, and ducks to watch. That’s a bonus. If I close my eyes and listen to the water, I can almost see myself in a forest by a stream. I like that thought. Too soon, they will shut off the water to the canal and it will be gone until next April or May.

Until then, I try to enjoy it while I can!


September is a wonderful month here in Idaho.  It starts to cool down, so you can actually go outside without melting into a puddle.  I like to do walks and a bit of yard clean up in September.  And then, there is…

October!  Since I watch kids for a living (I also pet sit, but that is almost the same as having kids), October brings a lot of opportunity for discussion about seasons.   Even though I detest the leaves falling and the trees looking dead, I have to admit that the fall colors are stunning.  We do a lot of crafts with the leaves as well.  October brings Halloween!  I don’t think I’ve met a kid yet that doesn’t like Halloween.  Again, there are a ton of craft and art ideas for the kids.  It makes my life a little easier since it’s very easy to come up with activities!

October brings my birthday, which used to be fun when I was young.  Now, it is just a little scary!  I turned 58 yesterday.  We celebrated by making bacon cheese burgers at home and having cake!  I clogged my arteries and upset my digestive system all in one day!  Go me!  Still, it is a treat and only indulge once in a great while.

Here is a picture of the witch in me.  My face looks incredibly long.  It even scares me!









Here is a picture of the kids I watch.  Their mom posted it to Facebook yesterday with a birthday greeting!  I thought it was sweet of her.  Time for me to get ready for work.  Have a good Saturday, all!