Wrinkled Jo

I didn’t take any pictures, and now I wished I had!

I was drawing with the boys I watch and ended up making a very strange looking mask.  As I was coloring, I accidentally wrinkled the paper.  I cut out the eyes and mouth and held it over my face.  The kids liked it.

“What should I call it?”  I asked.

One of the boys yelled out, “Wrinkled Joe!”

“Perfect!”  I said.  “My middle name just happens to be Jo!”

So, now I am known as Wrinkled Jo and am greeted as such when I go to their house!

Hairspray VS Granny K

I give the hairspray can an angry glare, daring it to do its worst.

“I know you bested me last time with that squirt to the eye.”  I hiss.  “Today, that will not happen!  I ran hot water over the hole to make sure it is not clogged!  You WILL spray where I want you to spray!”

Evil hairspray can just sits quietly, acting like it can’t hear me.

I pick it up and prepare to spray.  I try to shield my eyes with my hand while leaving tiny spaces between my fingers so I can see what I am doing.  I take a deep breath, aim, and FIRE!

So, hairspray tastes as bad as you would think.  Maybe, I should have made sure my mouth was closed before spraying.  Ewwww, sticky lips!  I better go wash that off.

Well played hairspray can, well played.  I will meet you on the battlefield once again tomorrow morning.  I will be victorious!