I Might Be Tired

I suffer from insomnia and had a rough night last night.  I’ve held up pretty well today, but I think I might go to bed early tonight.

You know you’re tired when you are freaking out because you can’t get any sound on your computer.  You look through everything to make sure all settings are right and decide the computer is having issues.  You complain loudly and use a few bad words.

Then, you notice you didn’t turn on your speakers.

Yeah, going to bed early tonight.


Zander and the Eclipse Day

Zander is six and he is wonderful!

His mother had been warning him about looking at the sun to see the eclipse.  He didn’t have the eclipse glasses so was well warned to stay inside and not look!

Yesterday, he staggered down the stairs still half asleep.  He looks at me and mumbles, “This is go blind day.”

Then, he fell onto the couch and just stayed there almost asleep.

Love it!