A Positive of a Near Migraine

In case you haven’t noticed, and I’m sure you have, my new Granny K Poops Rainbows and Sunshine series is just a new way to complain.  But, I kind of like it!

So, I had a rough night and woke at 3am with a HUGE headache that is trying hard to become a migraine.  I took my pill, which makes me jittery and my tummy is cussing me out and threatening me with violence.  But, there is one positive!

I can drink all of the cola I want and nobody will tell me I am getting too much sugar, caffeine, whatever!  They all know Coke helps with these headaches for me, so my kids don’t frown upon it.   So, even though I could just have one, I will have two just because I can!

So, there is a positive!

Have a nice Friday, all!



The first thing I want when I wake is coffee!  I prepare coffee even before I dash to the bathroom, that’s how important it is to me!  It does help to wake me up, but maybe not in the way you might imagine.  I’m sure the caffeine helps keep me awake and gets me jump-started in the morning, but there is another reason it helps keep me awake.

It’s because with one cup of coffee I have to dash to the little girl’s room approximately 100 times!  Who can fall back to sleep when doing all of that jogging?  Not I!

So, thank you coffee.  I am able to stay awake for another day!

Look out Tuesday, here I come!