Quote per Day on Facebook

I decided to do a quote every day on my Facebook page. I have always loved quotes. Today’s quote is about anger. I found a couple I really liked and posted them on Facebook. I thought I would post this one here as well. For some reason, I got a good chuckle out of it! Also, I love minions!

Post A Day for April (hopefully)

A group of us, Cheer Peppers, are going to try to do a post a day for April.  I haven’t been very active, but now that I am semi-retired, I might be more inclined to step it up!  I want to post silly and bad poems in April.  The world is scary enough and I feel the need for something light-hearted.  I am not a poet, but that’s okay.  Join in the fun if you are interested!  You can find Cheer Peppers on Facebook.

April 1st

Do you think April 1st is only for showers?

Maybe, you look forward to the new flowers.

April 1st is a time for fun

And not only for the very young

I yell, “There’s a spider on your shoe!”

Or laugh when they find that shoe full of glue.

“I’ll get you a bowl of cereal.  Just trying to be nice!”

Giggle because I froze the milk to ice

So many tricks I’d like to play

It could keep me busy all the day.


Happy April Fools Day!