Memorial Weekend

I do hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend, however you celebrate.  For me, I am shampooing carpets.  They need to be done and it will be nice to get that huge chore done for a while!  I don’t grill, I don’t even own one.  I rarely actually cook.  It’s no big deal as I suck at cooking haha!  I have a three-day weekend and will recharge after being sick for two weeks and be ready to find a new part-time job!  It will happen, even if I am an old geezer!

Enjoy your weekend!


Job Hunting Once Again

Once again it is time for me to find summer employment.  Every year it gets harder as I get older!  I spent some time researching and asking people a lot of questions and I found out I charge less than a teen does for child care.  Silly me.

I’m not saying a teen can’t do a great job, that’s not it at all.  But, I have been doing this for over thirty years and have taken many classes and have just a ton of experience under my ample belt!  So, I have been updating our business site and am getting ready to advertise.

I thought about doing something else for my final years of work, but after hours of searching I keep going back to looking for child care jobs!  The thoughts of sitting at a desk all day is enough to get my anxiety going.  I simply can’t sit that long!  At work, one of the kids I watch will notice me pacing and let me know that I’m pacing again.  I sit for a while, but then I find myself pacing again.

I thought about trying for something in retail.  That might work because I can be up and moving more.  But, I don’t know.  While grocery shopping, you will frequently find me spending time in the canned food section making sure the cans are not upside down and that the front of the labels are facing the right way.  When I try on shirts, it takes me forever to get them folded back up just right.  I have to fight the urge to go along and make sure everything is lined up.  Bagging groceries, I try to group things in categories in the bags and my daughter usually just tells me to let her do it because I take too long haha!

So, yeah, I’m looking for a job in a home watching kids again.  I don’t mind so much, really.  I’m pretty good at it and they like me even if I do make them face the consequences of their actions!  I’m hoping to find a summer job and be able to go back to the place I work at now when school is back.  I’ve been there three school years and would like one more year!

Here are pictures of the youngest two of the eight boys in this family.  We just finished making alphabet books.  Q is four and going into Kindergarten next fall.  P is three.  I just noticed P has his binky in his mouth, the bugger!  We have been trying to gently get rid of that and his mom is throwing them away one by one.  He isn’t allowed to have them unless he’s sleeping now, but sometimes he sneaks one past us!  I’m so used to seeing it that I don’t notice haha!  Tricky little guy.