The Lights are Bright!

Yesterday, we got the new electrical panel installed. I was thankful that it was a relatively warm and sunny day with a high of 42. It could have been much worse. We had no power for nine hours. I felt bad for the poor guy working outside all day. I don’t do well with cold. Come to think of it, I don’t do well with hot either. I’m more of a warm/cool weather person. This electrician was determined to get the job done with what time he had. He didn’t even take a lunch break. I offered to go get him something, but he said he was okay. I’m such a mom and was worried about him haha!

Today, I am going to start using some of the things that was causing us to lose power. After four months of not having lights, it seems so weird to flick a switch and the rooms light up. So far, so good. Right now, I’m putting a vinegar water cycle through my very, very old washing machine. It hasn’t been used in months and I figured it could use a nice rinse. I find myself with knots in my stomach and just waiting for it to blow out the power.

Now, I have to hang around and wait for the inspector to come and approve the work. He/she can be here anytime between 8am and 5pm and someone has to be here. I wonder how people who actually have to work get these things done? Crazy.

The rest of my week is going to be super busy. I have to get to the store and get food. We have been making sure we are very low on fridge/freezer things because I knew we would be without power for at least a day and didn’t want to have food go bad. I am working on Thursday and Friday watching some children. I haven’t worked in months, so this will be a shock to my system. I did watch these kids for 5 years, so it’s not like I don’t know them, so it will be fine.

I hope you all have a very happy and wonderful Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas, or whatever you prefer it to be called!

I’m a Strange Duck

I don’t understand myself at all. I am a mystery, even to myself.

I am terrified of being around people I don’t know and I am painfully shy even though I can talk your ear off if I know you. At the same time, I crave being around people. I miss being around people. I am jealous of all of you who can be at ease with strangers and can easily strike up conversations.

I should be a Walmart greeter. I bet I would be great at it. I am scared but I am friendly. I want to help, but terrified to try. Being a greeter would push me in the right direction. It would expose me to so many different personality types.

I like to smile at people when I pass them on walks. I hope that being friendly and smiling is at least a tiny bright spot in someone’s life. I like most people ( there are some I could do without ).

Hrmmm….I might see if the position of Walmart greeter is available at the store near me. That is if my car is working long enough to make it worthwhile. It is a 2006 Pontiac that needs new control arms, bushings (I think that’s what it was called) and new front brakes. I live in fear that it will be unsafe to drive soon! But, who has almost 3k to put into a car that is worth less than 1K? Not me! I still owe over 1k on it. *sigh*

This is my new way of blogging. I just start writing what’s on my mind.

Happy Friday all!