My Day Off

I have today (Thursday) off this week.  WOOHOO!  right?  WRONG

So, we get up to ants crawling all over the laundry room and living room.  They were swarming in the newly washed clothes in the basket and even inside the washer.  There was a trail of them going along the living room wall from behind the pellet stove.  Wonderful!  I was going to spend some of my day off doing pest control.

Then, I got my daughter off to work (she is a nanny as I am).  I was only home a few minutes when she called and was frantic.  Water was coming from under the fridge at the house she was working in and it was coming fast.  She had every towel they own lined up at the edge of the kitchen trying to save the carpet.  I suspected a broken line with the ice maker so she turned it off, but the water kept coming.  She didn’t know exactly where the line was attached but luckily turning off the water to the kitchen sink did the trick, so they must be connected.  My son and I rushed over with our carpet shampooer to soak up water.  The kitchen was in an inch of water and it had seeped under the wall and was soaking the living room!  All of that in about 20 minutes time.  We moved the stove and fridge out and unplugged them to clean up the standing water.  When we plugged the stove back in it threw the breaker and sparks were flying and now the stove won’t work at all.

I can’t even imagine what damage would have happened if my daughter had not been there!  That water would have been pouring in for hours until one of the parents got home.  Thanks to my daughter’s quick thinking, the wall of towels saved most of the carpet from getting wet.  And aside from the fridge leaking and the stove not working, their floor is so ultra clean and looks wonderful!  Hey, there has to be a bright spot in it someplace, right?

I then came home and took care of ants.  I might be glad to go to work tomorrow and get some rest haha!


Q Scolds His Brother

The family I work for has eight boys.  It is a very busy house for the first couple of hours of my day.  Most of the day, I only have the four-year old ( Q ) and the three-year old ( P ).  They are both amazing kids.  Mr. Q constantly amazes me as in so many ways he seems older than four.

So, one of his older brothers just got braces and his teeth were hurting.  He came crashing through the door after school hollering that he had not eaten all day because there was nothing at school he could chew.  He said he was going to get a yogurt for snack since it is easy on his teeth.  He rummaged through the refrigerator and then slammed it shut.

“Really?  Only vanilla yogurt?  I hate vanilla yogurt!  I guess I won’t have yogurt!”  He yelled in frustration.

I calmly stated that if he was truly starving he would eat what they have.  Yelling won’t make the vanilla yogurt be anything different.

Then, four-year old Q put in his two cents worth.  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

His brother glared at him.  He said, “Stop it Q, nobody likes you anyway.”  And then he stormed up to his room.

I think he was actually embarrassed to be scolded by his younger brother, and I think he knew Q was right.

I was actually amazed that Q remembered that saying.  I said that to him a long time ago when he was getting ready to have a fit over what I fixed for lunch.  It must have stuck with him!