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Great Book Titles For Kid’s Books

BookToday I will do a review of a few possible book ideas for kids.  I think they have real possibilities!

Peter Picks His Nose

This is the story of a three-year old boy and his experiences with nose picking.  Take a walk with him through a day of “digging for gold” and see how many people give him disgusted looks or yell at him.  Watch as he rubs those treasures all over things and learns about how they spread germs!

What Does Clean Mean To You?

A child’s idea of clean and an adult’s idea of clean are not always the same.  This book will have a series of interviews with children and parents alike to compare notes on the subject.

I Will Do It Later

A child’s big book of procrastination.  Learn new ways to put off today what can be done tomorrow!

Are You Wearing That To School?!

This book will be full of photos of creative outfits kids can come up with.  Look carefully at the expressions on the faces of the parents to determine if they are okay with the choices, shocked or just plain embarrassed.

Look for these books and more coming to a store near you!

(I might have to go with a couple of these and see how I do!  They look fun!)


4 thoughts on “Great Book Titles For Kid’s Books

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking one of my posts. I’ve now read a few of these posts of yours, and I find them extremely amusing. This post especially is hilarious, I think ‘Peter picks his nose* would definitely be a hit.

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