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From Goatheads to Tonsil Stones

The never-ending battle has begun. The weather warmed up and instantly my mighty enemy, Goatheat Plant, has once again attacked!

Huge patches of these appeared almost overnight. They filled the irrigation ditch and have spread in large clumps into the front yard. They surround one of my driveways. Thankfully, I don’t park in that one, but if someone comes over they must navigate the mine field or their shoes will be covered in goathead thorns. I have been spending some time every day digging them up and have filled three garbage cans so far. They will come back but I will not give up this fight! It is slow going as using a shovel or hoe is hard on my lower back and shoulders. Still, I will fight on!

We try to check our shoes before going inside, but some still find their way in. When stepped on one instantly howls like a coyote and screams out every profane word one knows. I do not like them.

I developed a sore throat about a week ago that lasted a couple of days. No biggie as I get them from allergies sometimes. The sore throat came back, so I peeked at my throat to see if it looked okay. I found a small white dot on my tonsil. I was able to touch it and it feels like a small pebble. I am sure it’s a tonsil stone. It looks like this, but not as big.

I was reading that gargling with salt water can help with the sore throat and can actually dislodge a tonsil stone. It’s not a bad sore throat. Just enough to notice at this point. If it doesn’t help within a short time, I will need to see the doctor. I have been trying hard to not see a doctor until Medicare kicks in, but that isn’t until October. My old lady body is betraying me! It is falling apart!

That is all of the excitement I’ve had lately. Otherwise, I just stay home most of the time and just do everyday life things. I hope you all continue to have good health and are happy.

3 thoughts on “From Goatheads to Tonsil Stones

  1. I’ve not run across goatheads since I was a child. We had them in large quantities on the farm where I grew up. I think the source may be the irrigation ditch. They get washed downstream from other places. We don’t have them here in town, but I do have stinging nettles in the backyard and foxtails in the front yard. The foxtails come from all the neighbors who don’t do proper weeding. I have no idea where the nettles have originated but they seem to come back more robust every year. I chase all of them down every day to keep them from getting worse, but the neighbors don’t seem that concerned.

  2. Wow! I have never seen that many goatheads in one place before. Sorry to hear about the sore throat and I hope it goes away so you do not have to see a doctor.

    • Thanks. I hope it goes away on its own! We have tons of HUGE goathead patches all over the neighborhood. I fight a weekly battle of destroying them lol.

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